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Volume + Issue:
How — and When — Can the Coronavirus Vaccine Become a Reality?

by Caroline Chen appears in Features Section  pdf

What will it take to produce a COVID-19 vaccine? Caroline Chen provides insights into a potential vaccine development lifecycle.

VOA Interview: Fauci Optimistic About COVID Vaccine, Urges Protesters to Wear Masks

by VOA Russian Service appears in Features Section  pdf

Fauci’s candid responses to VOA questions about the pandemic and a potential vaccine.

The European Union's Latest Travel Restrictions, Explained

by Tanner Garrity appears in Features Section  pdf

Tanner outlines the complicated nature the return of travel to Europe from other countries. One notable exception is that the U.S. is not welcome at this time.

The Global Economic Outlook during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Changed World

by appears in Features Section  pdf

Worldbank paints a dismal picture of future economics, especially in already weakened economic structures.

Stop the coronavirus stigma now

by Nature Research Journal Editorial appears in Features Section  pdf

This editorial talks about how vital it is to stop the spread of racist remarks regarding the current pandemic.

China leads world economic recovery

by David P. Goldman appears in Features Section  pdf

Summary of a Caixin study that shows China’s economy is expanding.

UK prepares to end use of Huawei's tech in 5G network

by IANS appears in Features Section  pdf

Citing the weakening of Huawei due to U.S. sanctions, and the use of what has been termed ‘untrusted’ technology, the U.K. is looking to shutdown installations of Huawei 5G technologies.

US misses China’s grand design

by David P. Goldman appears in Features Section  pdf

A brief concerning the state of surveillance, Huawei, and China’s Peoples Liberation Army.

China’s bear hug for the blockchain

by Dale Aluf appears in Features Section  pdf

Read about how China has become ‘the first major economy’ that has turned to a national digital currency.

China’s global aspirations lift as BeiDou satellite launches into orbit

by Kristin Huang appears in News Section  pdf

China completes the final launch of its 35 satellite constellation, BeiDou ‘Big Dipper (Mandarin)’ allowing the country to join company with current positioning systems like GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS.

China set to complete Beidou (北斗) network rivalling GPS in global navigation

by Ryan Woo, Liangping Gao appears in News Section  pdf

History of the BeiDou communications/geo-positioning project.

Trump’s war on Huawei is self-defeating

by George Koo appears in Commentary Section  pdf

George provides his insights into the semiconductor wars brewing between the leader (U.S.) and China.

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