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Volume + Issue:
World Stagflation Risk

by appears in Features Section  pdf

A look at the newly coined word ‘stagflation’, the rise in risk, cause, etc.

A soft landing may be out of the Fed’s reach

by Alex Domash, Lawrence H. Summers appears in Features Section  pdf

Report on the activities of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank.

Pope Francis: Russian war in Ukraine was ‘perhaps provoked’

by Luanna Muniz appears in Features Section  pdf

In mid-May the magazine Jesuit magazine La Civiltà Cattolica conducted an interview with Pope Francis, in which he commented that the war in Ukraine could have possibly been prevented.

Statement by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet after official visit to China

by Michelle Bachelet appears in Features Section  pdf

Commissioner Michelle Bachelet provides an overview of her visit to China, citing improvements to the concern over poverty and other issues.

UN’s Bachelet says China trip not for a probe, faces criticism

by Denis Balibouse appears in Features Section  pdf

U.N. Commissioner Michelle Bachelet’s latest visit to China appeared to have failed in the eyes of human rights activitists.

Uzbekistan joins China-Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran railway corridor

by PortSEurope appears in Features Section  pdf

Taking another step towards a China-Europe direct economics corridor, Uzbekistan has joined the connection.

Rail Gauges

by Unci Narynin appears in Features Section  pdf

Discussion of the various locales and their varying railway gauges.

China unveils 400km/h gauge-changeable train

by Oliver Cuenca appears in Features Section  pdf

A new gauge-changing train and rail technology has been introduced by China for it’s high-speed rail system.

China's Warren Buffett-backed BYD has dethroned Tesla as the world's largest electric vehicle maker

by Rosie Bradbury appears in Features Section  pdf

BYD, a Chinese electric car company, announced it has sold more electric cars in China than Tesla, the next leading electric vehicle vendor.

Major Chinese airlines to purchase 292 Airbus A320 airplanes for $37b

by CGTN appears in Features Section  pdf

Four airlines in China announce an order for 292 Airbus A320s.

Le Monde on Chinese airlines buy 292 Airbus planes for $37 billion

by Le Monde with AFP appears in Features Section  pdf

Additional information on the four airlines ordering Airbus aircraft.

Airbus sets up China research center for hydrogen technology

by CGTN appears in Features Section  pdf

In China, Airbus set up a high-technology center to research hydrogen fuel scenarios.


by Philip J Cunningham appears in Opinion Section  pdf

Philip comments on how the U.S. should NOT underestimate China’s space program.

On the 25th Anniversary of China’s Recovery of Hong Kong

by Richard L. King appears in Opinion Section  pdf

Richard comments and provides some history on the changeover of Hong Kong from British rule.

Ambassador Burns took a train to Wuhan (June 12, 2022)

by Wikipedia appears in News Section  pdf

A report on the activities of Ambassador Nicholas Burns in June 2022.

The Chinese Question

by Mae Ngai appears in Book Review Section  pdf

Mae gives a brief overview of her book ‘The Chinese Question’.

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